From Scratch To Reality

AKKUS Blumen & Pflanzen

The Challenge:

As a provider of fresh flowers and plants daily, Akkus helps it's clients to find the best quality variants that helps them to create art and keep up with their consumers’ demanding needs.


However, outdated website design, stock imagery, and confusing content journey was communicating the very opposite of a visionary flower importer.

Akkus decided to up their game in the digital space and approached 42PLUS for website content and a user-friendly web design.


See how we were able to bring Akkus Blumen 

into the same class as their leading-edge variants.

Medicalfly GmbH

The Challenge:

Medicalfly is a medical tourism agency that works with various hospitals, doctors and plastic surgeons. As a leading company of medical hospitality services, Medicalfly helps it's clients to have their medical process in comfort.

They approached 42PLUS to refresh their brand look, relaunch their logo, create their corporate identity book and design promotional products.

The old version of logo was faded. Our client needed a strong appearance with sparkling colors, an intense type-font and visible adjustments on the caligraphic curve in the logo.

Our approach was to create a more modern and clean look,

while keeping the company's corporate identity stable.

We used a stronger color-palette and a cleaner type-font to make the logo more standing.

New Logo

Old Logo

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