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Instagram Reels 101: Things For Marketers To Watch Within Instagram Reels

As you know, with the Reels feature, Instagram has made it clear that TikTok users want it to be completely hooked on Instagram. In this article you will find, why did Instagram realize the Reels feature, what efforts did it put into practice, how to benefit Reels the most, its future and how it will change social media and Instagram marketing.

Instagram is releasing a new video program in response to TikTok, the most downloaded app of the past 12 months. Reaching 500 million (now totally 2 billion!) active users this year alone, TikTok has succeeded in changing the social media usage of people around the world. Realizing that it has to keep up with the new perception, other social media platforms have gradually started working on innovations. Instagram Reels worked well for those who earn money from social media as well as entertainment. It broke new ground in Instagram marketing, and it happened very quickly. Instagram also receives a display in an area reserved for Reels in the discover section if the accounts of people using the Reels feature are open. However, the importance of Instagram marketing in social media marketing has also reached its peak.

How to Create Instagram Reels?

One of the most curious topics of recent times is how to use Instagram Reels?

Using Reels is easier than you think! To shoot reels, you have to scroll to the right on your home page to the story creation section. At this point, you should reach the Reels tab by sliding the part under the button to the far right. Then you can select music or sound by clicking the voice button, adjust the speed of the video by clicking the speed button, set a timer or use various effects. After you shoot a video as you wish, you can add a GIF or sticker to your Reels. Finally, by choosing a cover photo, you can publish your first Reels video.

Let's look at it step by step.

- Open the story creation screen, which you use when creating a story on Instagram, located in the upper left corner of the screen. At the bottom, there will be a section with Live, Story and Reels.

- Select Reels from this section.

- Record your video or choose an image from your archive. Add music and various effects on your video.

- Then come to the share section. After making the necessary edits, press share. Congratulations, you've created your first Reels video. You can also add the video you shared to your story.

Have fun in advance!

How to Edit Instagram Reels?

Reels, the new feature of Instagram, offers users many different possibilities. You will be able to both have a good time and prepare videos and become a top-level master in content production.

While using Instagram Reels, you will be able to basically edit sound, AR effects, timer and countdown, alignment and speed as you wish. With Instagram Reels, you will be able to take the videos you create separately and combine them later. Along with this feature of Instagram, it is among the topics that are spoken in the backstage that Tiktok, one of its strongest competitors, has hit a heavy blow.

Look at that! Reels are featured on the Instagram camera and offer 5 different creative editing tools.

Audio: People will be able to use their original voices, as well as choose from the Instagram music library. In public accounts using original audio, this audio content will be attributed to the account and others will be able to use it in their own videos.

AR effects: The gallery includes various augmented reality effects prepared by both Instagram and content producers around the world.

Timer and countdown: With timer and countdown, video can be shot hands-free.

Alignment: Objects in the clip can be aligned to ensure a smooth transition between the two clips to be merged.

Speed: Certain parts of video and audio can be accelerated or slowed down.

Moreover, according to the information obtained, Reels videos can be shot and combined as separate clips, shot in one go, or can be prepared by uploading videos from the gallery.

How to Share Instagram Reels?

Public accounts: Reels can share their videos in the Reels section in the Discover tab and have the opportunity to be discovered by the Instagram community. It can also share with its followers on the stream, and it can be crucial for follower growth. Reel videos using certain songs, hashtags or effects can also be displayed on pages specific to that song, hashtag and effects.

Private accounts: Reels can only share her/his videos with her/his followers. Others cannot use the original audio from these videos and cannot share videos with people who do not follow this secret account.

When the Reels video is ready, a draft can be saved on the sharing screen, the cover image can be changed, text and hashtags can be added, and friends can be tagged. Shared Reels videos are located in a separate tab specific to Reels in the profile. Reels videos shared on the stream are also available on the profile.

Reels videos can also be shared in stories, close friends, and private (direct) messages.

Instagram vs TikTok

The resemblance of Reels and TikTok is not negligible. In Reels videos, you can record a sound you like, just like TikTok videos, and you can shoot a video using that voice. Reels brings many features with it. While creating Reels, users can use the old videos and images on their devices, as well as the videos and pictures they take at the moment. In Reels, where you can use many different effects, you can add GIF to your videos and draw on the videos. We will see together how TikTok, which quickly gains users, will cope with this move of Instagram.

Similar to Instagram's new feature Reels, TikTok allows users to share short videos, right?. In fact, Instagram, which turns the troubles in the USA and the world into an opportunity with TikTok, aims to download the application for new users and increase the time spent on the platform. Isn't it very logical? So what has Instagram done for this?

While confused by this rival feature of TikTok, Facebook made another move. Facebook wants TikTok users to switch to Reels by making profitable offers (of course with money :)). TikTok, which is shown among the most downloaded applications with 2 billion users, has millions of users in every country. However, how things will change with Facebook's latest move.

Users also commented that Facebook cannot do anything "original" or buy the application or imitate it. TikTok may have come to the end of the road. However, this does not mean that the current created by TikTok will disappear. Just as Instagram took the Stories feature popularized by Snapchat before, it has now adapted TikTok to the structure and discovery feature on the TikTok home page, which consists of short images, under the name Reels.

When looking at the reactions to Instagram Reels, yes, the criticism is very high because it is similar to TikTok. However, there has been prejudice and controversy about TikTok almost all over the world, right? This is why people are tired of TikTok now (of course non-loyal ones to TikTok :)). As a matter of fact, Instagram said Reels has no shortage or even more than TikTok, and it has come to the rescue of people. Celebrities and world-famous brands, as well as ordinary people in countries where Reels already exist, have started using Reels and it seems like they have loved it. Take a look how does Jason Derulo promote his new song on Reels. Yaaay! Right?

Will Reels Go Out?

Video concepts, which are being used more and more every day, open the door for applications to innovate in this direction.

For the future of Instagram Reels in social media, a very similar process is expected as long as we can observe with the release of Instagram stories in 2013.

Reels, which started to be used exclusively for followers at the beginning, will begin to be public posts over time. As the popularity of the new feature increases, so will the areas where users can share Reels videos. It can also increase follower growth without a doubt. For example; users will be able to add Reels videos as featured in their profiles. Assuming that Reels is very important for social media marketing and Instagram marketing, the reactions Reels receive are likely to continue to be very good.

Advantages of Reels

I guess it would not be wrong to say that Reels has been a saviour power in social media where people want to see something different. What would you say?

Reels, which is the saviour of brands and products that cooperate with micro and macro influencers, also makes promotions fun. It is already clear that brands and collaborators will use Instagram marketing more actively in social media marketing.

Every brand that wants to have a place in the continuously changing social media platforms should determine a strategy. Adapting to the new algorithm coming with the Instagram Reels feature will bring your brand one step forward. Instagram Reels, which opens a brand new door for brands to introduce themselves, will bring a fresh perspective to video content preferred by most of the users.

The Instagram Reels feature, which we foresee that it will gain a place for itself in the Discover overtime section, can also be searched by categories.

Learning and using Reels, where you can create video content according to your target audience, can be a useful tool for our identity in social media.

It will also be easy for follower growth, and Instagram marketing will be much more popular than other social media marketing.

So, thumbs up? Tag us on your latest reels on Instagram, so that we can repost ;)



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