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How To Defeat Your Competitors Just Using YouTube?

Spoiler Alert!

I will show you how to steal your competitors' viewers on YouTube.

And I will also show you how to promote your products to your target audience for free! Here is how you can benefit from YouTube to increase sales.

I think we all agree that YouTube has become a very popular medium among companies due to the increasing importance of video content. In addition to the prominence of video content, Youtube is one of the channels on the radar of both users and companies due to its feature of being the second largest search engine after Google.

YouTube marketing provides the opportunity to communicate with consumers through a different channel by producing video content. Youtube is an ideal platform to promote your brand, as you can provide ads as well as organic video views. If you are creating your videos and investing in video content, you can benefit from this channel in different ways. In this guide, we will share how you can benefit from Youtube for your YouTube marketing efforts.

How Does YouTube Affect Your Sales?

YouTube is not only used for watching funny videos or clips. For example, you will receive information on a subject or you are curious about the features of the car you will buy new. For this, we immediately find and watch videos from YouTube. This way we gain knowledge and it has a huge impact on our decisions. When we think with this logic, you can guess that it will have positive effects on e-commerce sales.

YouTube videos and YouTube marketing have an effect of approximately 30% on increasing e-commerce sales and customer traffic.

You can make a more interesting e-commerce site by uploading the quality videos you will prepare for your products to both Youtube channel and your website. Even if this takes some time, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the result. You should know that you will not only make a difference to your competitors but also have a good sales strategy.

Strategies to Benefit From YouTube for Sales

1. Creating Product Promotion Videos

You can create video content to highlight your products and show the usage areas of your products. You can show these videos on the product pages on the site or use them for advertising in other social media. With the right selection of keywords, you can make your videos stand out in searches on Youtube.

2. Approaching Content as Youtube Marketing

You can work on increasing the number of traffic and views organically with your video content. Apart from advertising and promotional content, you can prepare videos that focus on creating direct interaction. In these contents, you can prepare contents related to the FAQ section on your e-commerce site, create videos showing the usage areas of the products, create a guideline or educational content, or create interesting and entertaining videos that may be related to the sector or you with a different concept.

Alert! Here is how you can promote your products to your target audience for free!

If you're selling chips, no one will get hurt when you make a "DIY Sour Cream Sauce" video and eat your chips with the sauce you made with. In this case, your products will be shown to the people, those who are looking for a sour cream recipe.

Or you could also create a tips video like "How To Host a Superbowl Event at Home?" and place your chips all over that video. So people who are planning to host a Superbowl event (which are most likely to have chips in their shopping list) would see your product all over.

Or you have a fragrance brand to promote. Advertising is on one hand, but you can show a scent neither on TV nor on YouTube my dear. So, what you can do is to create that atmosphere in your video that your fragrance would give the same feeling of. For example, you are to promote a romantic fragrance for valentines day. Create a "Ideas To Make Your Bae Feel Special", "How To Get Ready For Valentines Date?" video. Create a romantic atmosphere, tell tips to set up a nice dinner, show how to get ready for the night from head to toe and put your romantic perfume on to finalize your look. There you have it ✨

You don't always need an influencer contract to drive people to purchase your product. Just give the idea...

You could create many ideas like that with different products.

If you need a creative idea on this matter, give us a call ;)

3. Creating Advertising Videos

Taking advantage of YouTube's advertising features is also an alternative for your YouTube marketing efforts. You can highlight your product promotion videos by making different targeting. YouTube ads are a good platform for showing your video ads, as they are the most common video platform. However, there are some issues you should pay attention to in this regard. The fact that most of the users use ad-blocking programs (Adblocker) prevents these ad videos from appearing. This is a disadvantage. Besides, people who come to YoutTube to watch something they are specifically looking for, don't want to see ads that will force them to click on something.

YouTube offers users the opportunity to skip ads after 5 seconds (skippable ads).

Two important points stand out here. Users can skip your ad after 5 seconds; however, for 5 seconds, you do not pay any advertising fee to YouTube. In this case, you can create creative ideas to show your main message in the first 5 seconds direct. If the viewer is interested in your offer, will continue watching your advertisement (which is a good thing) and you'll have to pay for that view. But if the viewer skips your YouTube ads in the first 5 seconds (which means they aren't interested in what you're offering), you won't pay.

Alert! As promised above, here is how you can get the attention of your competitors' product viewers.

So, as you can advertise on Youtube targeting demographic audiences or interest groups, you can also target a specific YouTube channel or (better yet) a specific YouTube link. Yes, you heard me right.

So, in case if your competitor is creating nice videos of their products, you can simply target their videos with a special offer advertising.

To do this, you need to open a Google Adwords account and you also need to know how to set up your targeting choices. Did I mention that we are a certified Google Partner to advertise? If you need help, let us know.

4. SEO

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. For this reason, it will be useful to do SEO work on your videos.

  • Keywords

Be careful to use keywords related to the content of your video in the titles and description sections of your videos. You can get ideas for your titles by searching popular keywords that may be related to your video on YouTube. Of course, you shouldn't use keywords too much and keep them within a certain limit. You should give as much detail as possible about the content of the video by including keywords in your video description texts.

  • Engagement

One of the things you should pay attention to get to the forefront on YouTube is your interaction rates. Even if you include keywords in the video title and description texts, your engagement rates play an important role in making your videos stand out. The number of views of your videos, the number of likes and comments and the number of followers determine your interaction rates. For this reason, it is not only keyword-oriented; You should also take care to create interaction. Your video content should add value to users and engage them with your channel. The more you increase your engagement rates, the more value your videos will increase and they will rank higher in search results.

  • Video Format

One of the factors affecting search results is the format of your video.

Filename: Before transferring the file from your computer to Youtube, you must determine your filename correctly. Instead of a random name, you should create a filename containing keywords related to the content of the video and upload it to Youtube.

Length: The length of your video is positively evaluated by Youtube. When the video is long, Youtube thinks this content is valuable. However, very long videos may not be of interest to users. For this reason, you can determine an optimum time for your videos by doing some tests. Videos between 1-5 minutes are generally preferred by users.

Tags: It is also very important to add tags in your videos. You can help search results by choosing tags related to the video. However, as with keywords, you should not go too far. It will be sufficient to take advantage of the labels you think are directly related.

You can increase your traffic thanks to the Youtube channel where you promote your products and inform/attract your customers. By applying the right social media strategies, you can place ads and compare your target audience with videos. You can also add a product link to the description section of the videos and take it directly to the product without spoiling the customer.

You can also appear in search engines if you do the video descriptions correctly. In this way, your target audience searching for a product on Google can access your video and come to your site from there.

There you have it!

It is most likely that you can increase your sales by using YouTube.

If you want to know more, need creative ideas or a talented team to do all these for you, give us a call 😏


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