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Digitalization 101: Online Strategies to Save Your Business During Lockdown

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Online sales have become more useful and practical. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are in a hurry to take advantage of this growth. They sell products from their blogs, social media accounts and online stores. If you have a medium or small business you'd want to sell online. You might be thinking about where to start first or how complicated could it be. Or you might be hesitant to compete with big companies.

In this post, we'll explain how to help struggling businesses during COVID-19. The entire market is in a digitalization process. I think the ones who adapt fast will survive and gain benefit out of this situation.

Designing an eye catching website with 42PLUS

Small businesses have two important advantages over large companies. They use customized methods specific to each customer to make them feel special, and they make quick decisions and implement them faster. You have two features that can be very effective in the purchase decision of post-modern consumers. Matters you need to pay attention to compete with big companies; 1) Your sales site should have a very strong design It doesn't mean that has to have ornaments all over pages and pop-ups everywhere. It needs to be beautifully simple like an apple. Set aside a budget for the design of your site and get a design that understands your target audience. 2) Update your site's content constantly You should keep the prices of the products on your e-commerce site up to date. Sharing updated information and news will also be helpful for your SEO. With some simple but continuous updates, your website will rank higher. Blogging is another possibility to help your online store and your audience grow. The key is to not being greedy but educating your audience about your products and your industry. For detailed information to rank higher, check out our recent post "How to Use SEO in Your Small Business to Rank Higher?" 3) Make sure that the product pictures you sell are of good quality The pictures of the products you display on your site should present the details about the product as much as possible. They should be sharp and outstanding. That'll require professional equipment and good photoshop skills. Also, try choosing the right colour palette for your website and product backgrounds. You can check Canva’s free color palette generator. Simply upload a picture of your product and find the best matching background colour from your palette.

4) Create a customer service page on your e-commerce site For your customers to be satisfied with their shopping and to continue shopping from you, they should be able to reach you without any effort. Make it simple and accessible. Make sure you have all you need to answer their questions before or problems after their purchase process. 5) Send promotional codes/product brochures when sending your orders You can try to put a small gift, a promo voucher for next the purchase or product promotion brochures in the package you send to your customers.

They will be delighted with your gesture. Shortly after they receive their order, send them an e-mail asking them to give comments on social media. You won't regret as long as you believe in what you do with your business. 6) Reserve advertising budget for your online marketing activities. Even if you cannot allocate huge budgets, at least for a few months, run a certain amount of advertising on Google AdWords. You will be stunned to see how your customers find and shop from you every hour of the day! If you aren't familiar with Google Ads, here is a quick gateway: "Digital Advertising: How Effective Could It Be For Your Business?" You should pay great attention to e-commerce nowadays. Whether you are an owner of a restaurant, a fashion boutique or a local store at this time, your customers expect you to be online both on social media and on your website. You will see how consistent your business is growing with online sales.

Why Should I Sell Online? During this pandemic, we've all learned a lot. Majority of the people didn't think that the malls and shops would soon be closed. Businesses who adapted this situation fast are on another level now. They have digitalized. They sell online, more and internationally.

Customers now prefer online shopping more than ever. Many people who didn't order anything online before, have just met the ease of ordering from their couch. So, do you think these people will stop ordering online after this situation is over? No.

Online sales clearly show the performance and effects of the campaigns and ads you do. They are measurable with Google Analytics or such an analysis tool. While this gives you an idea of ​​the current state of your business, it also provides a serious benefit for the road map you will need to follow. Adapting to this digitalisation progress will bring very serious gains to your business. By identifying the right strategies, companies doing digital marketing can analyze returns much more realistically. With digital marketing, you can evaluate the current state of your business and make sound predictions for the future. This allows you to be different from other businesses and move forward with much more robust steps. Any institution that cannot adapt to the returns of the age can make progress in any media and will be doomed to be buried in history. This new trend opens many doors for both small businesses and online entrepreneurs. By opening a virtual store, you allow not only locals around you, but also people around the world to find your products. And with Google's search ads, you reach them at the right moment when they're searching for your product. Oh not to forget, we're a certified Google Partner though ;-) Digitalization revealed the new era spirit in the field of sales. Growing medium or small businesses should both understand digital sales and make a positive decision before it's too late to keep it on the agenda and even put it on their agenda. So did you miss the train?

No. Now is your time.

How to sell online with an ecommerce website. 42plus

How to Increase Your Sales? Fast! You may have a very good business. You may be offering very nice services. But unless you are available online, very limited people will know about you. Internet, which has become an alternative medium in recent years, is the easiest way to reach the target audience with minimum cost.

A television commercial reaches a wide audience. An audience that may never likely to be interested in your products/services. However, thanks to the internet, you can reach your target audience and reduce your advertising expenses. You will not bear the cost of accessing those who are not interested in your products and services. If your goal is to reach the result fast and you want to see how much you earn compared to your advertising expense (ROI-Return of Investment), the internet is the only medium that can achieve this without additional research costs. Advertising results can be reported in such a detailed way that doing similar research would cost tens of thousands. So, the results can be analyzed and subsequent advertising campaigns can be created accordingly. Google Ads; are divided into two groups: Display Ads and Search Ads. Thanks to Adwords, you can reach potential leads online. Search ads; when users search on Google, your website will appear and your potential customer will have the opportunity to reach you directly. Search ads are direct sales oriented ad formats. On the other hand, the display network sees your banner ads on the sites they enter while browsing the internet, the click-through and the return on sales are slightly lower than the search network. To reach your target audience at the right time, using internet advertising, namely Google Ads, makes a great contribution. If you have a business that could make a difference with a digital transformation, you must be thinking how would it look like. Well, say hi!


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