Doonails Cooperations Instructions


STEP 1: When your order arrives

When your order arrives, please make a short welcoming video with your Doonails Kit.

With an unpacking video show how the packaging looks, what is inside the box.

Please remove all of the powders' seals and show how the powders look 🤗


Here you can find some examples of the scenes.

STEP 2: The fun part 😍

Check our tutorials and then make some of your nails to try how it works.

👉 Make sure you follow every single step we suggest to have a perfect result.

You got the result? Then straight to the STEP 3!

STEP 3: Getting your hands dirty 😏

As you've mastered how to make your nails now, finish all of your nails, except one index finger 👆 that you will be comfortable to make.

(If you are right handed, left hand index finger for example)

Record a close shot video while you make your index finger nail with Doonails Kit.

Make sure Doonails is visible in your shots 🥰

Here you can find some examples of the scenes.

STEP 4: You're all set! 📸

Now you have all of your nails ready. It is time to make some concept pictures.

Here are some examples to lead you there 🦋

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

STEP 5: Share the word with the world 📢

Record a 60 seconds selfie video in German where you freely speak about your experience excitedly and show your perfect nails to the camera.

Here are some lines to help you out:

  • In 3 steps to perfect nails

  • Really quick, really fast

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Perfect nails in a few minutes

  • You can create your customised set

  • Non-toxic and no UV light necessary

  • Salon quality nails from home

  • DOONAILS (gerne auch einfach in verschiedenen Stimmlagen)

  • Saves so much money

  • No nail salon appointment needed

  • No more waiting at the nail salon for hours

👉 Remember: Tell 3 reasons why you should get Doonails in the end of your video.

STEP 6: Choose your favourite!

Choose 1 of the contents you've created in the previous steps and share it on your profile by tagging @doonails.professional ✨

Send rest of the content to via when you're ready 💃

Do you have more questions or have more creative ideas?