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Digital Advertising Platforms


With Google Ads, you can target specific keywords for your ads.


Based on which keywords are being searched, you can determine whether potential leads are looking to buy right now or just researching.

This puts you in front of the right people, at the right time.

Facebook and Linkedin also have great targeting tools. So, finding your audience is easy but knowing where they are in the online cycle is more difficult.

Remarketing is another facet of Online Advertising and it's crucial making the most of your website traffic.


Whether your traffic is from paid ads, referral sites or through search engines, the majority of your visitors are going to leave without converting.


Remarketing allows you to stay in front of these individuals, customize your ads for them and convert traffic, that you'd have otherwise lost.

Keyword & Audience Testing

Measurable ROI

Directly attributing leads in revenue to paid campaigns is one of the most valuable aspects of Online Advertising.

Setting up proper tracking and remoting all tracking holes is crucial to the attribution process.

The account will need to be managed closely for the first few months but still will be able to generate leads for quicker than organic strategies.

But it's extremely valuable not only in identifying the ROI of paid campaigns but determining the ROI of future organic campaigns as well.

Testing keywords and audiences can help determine the value of traffic and leads from a specific source.

Before investing large amounts of time into developing an article, building links towards it, promoting it and updating it, Online Advertising can help determine if the target audience and keywords are valuable enough to perceive.

A specific campaign can generate high-quality leads and developing content to organically rank for those keywords and audiences is a no-lose.

If it's determined that the leads are low quality, then maybe the time is best spent elsewhere.

Services Offered

Google AdWords

Google Shopping

YouTube Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Linkedin Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

Remarketing / Retargeting

What's Included?

Account Setup

Visual & Copywriting Creatives

Ad Placement & Targeting Adjustments

Keyword Management

Bid Management

Landing Page Performance Review

Cost & Performance Analysis

Monthly Performance Report

Campaign Optimization

In 42PLUS, we use Online Advertising with most of our clients.

And success has made an integral part of our marketing strategies.

If you have any questions about Digital Advertising or other Digital Marketing Solutions, check out our

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